What we do

We help you plan and deploy cost-effective, optimized translation processes.

  • We analyze your current authoring, content-management, and translation processes to identify opportunities for optimization
  • We identify key priorities for reaching your business goals in your timeframes
  • We provide clear information about your options for automation and the business tradeoffs involved
  • We offer well-informed recommendations about tools, training, and processes
  • We help with effective insights on requirements for RFPs and negotiation with vendors
  • We develop optimized metrics and indicators for managing progress
  • We bring you visible bottom-line benefits

Who we are

Mike Dillinger


Mike Dillinger, PhD, Principal

Mike Dillinger has built and deployed language technologies for over a dozen years. He has an especially broad perspective on industrial best practices and their role in building an integrated multilingual content supply chain. This comes from his extensive international experience as a management consultant, researcher, technical writer, editor, translator, and developer of translation software. Mike has special expertise in strategic planning of global content.

He has worked with content and translation groups at Apple, eBay, HP, Motorola, Cisco, MRO Software (now a part of IBM), Borland, Raritan, the Marshall Center for Security Studies, and others.

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